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Warn Industries

Warn Industries

Winches, Hoists and Accessories

Warn Industries Lift Corp. is the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hydraulic lift gates for truck and trailer applications.

Warn Industries Lift Corp. as a combined force now offers the industry’s broadest product line of liftgates, with more than 50 standard models ranging in lift capacity from 1,250 to 6,600 lbs. and over 100 years of combined expertise in engineering, sales and service.

Warn Industries

We also carry these Warn Industries Products:

Warn Industrial Winches:

  • 9.5ti Multi-Mount
  • M12000 Self-Recovery
  • M15000 Self-Recovery
  • M6000 SDP Short-Drum
  • Series 12 DC Industrial Winch
  • Series 12 Hydraulic Industrial Winch
  • Series 6 Hydraulic Industrial Winch
  • Series 9 DC Industrial Winch
  • Series 9 Hydraulic Industrial Winch
  • Works 1500AC Warn Winch
  • Works 1700 Warn Winch
  • Works 3000AC Warn Winch
  • Works 3200AC Warn Winch
  • Works 3700 Warn Winch
  • Works 4700 Warn Winch
  • Works H1000AC Warn Winch
  • X8000i Multi-Mount
  • XD9000 Self-Recovery
  • XD9000i Multi-Mount
  • XD9000i Self-Recovery

Mounting Systems And Accessories:

  • Accessories Warn Industries
  • Classic Bumper Mounting System
  • Combo Kit Mounting System
  • Defender Mounting System
  • Enforcer Bumper Mounting System
  • Front Bumper for the Jeep XJ
  • HD Bumper For Ford and Chevy
  • Hidden Kit Mounting System
  • Light Bar For Trucks/SUV's
  • Military Products Warn Industries
  • Multi-Mount Mounting System
  • Power Accessories Mounting System
  • Rear Bumper for the Jeep XJ
  • Trans4mer Mounting System
  • Universal Flatbed Mounting Plates

Warn Industrial Hoist:

  • DC 1200 CF Industrial DC
  • DC 1600 LF Industrial DC
  • DC 2000 MF Industrial DC
  • DC/HY 3000 LF Industrial Hoist
  • Military Products Warn Industries

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